Toward intelligent adaptive facades

Digital strategies alter the design and manufacturing processes as well as the use of our built environment in the direction of an Informed Architecture. Constructions can react to changing influences and requirements through the implementation of sensors and actuators. In this project, adaptive façades are examined in the context of current automation technologies under the working title of “Thinking Skins”. The present research work focuses on the intelligent interactions between individual, climate-relevant functions of the façade. It is based on a cooperative PhD by Jens Böke of the Technical University of Delft and  the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. In Delft, the project is supervised by Prof. Dr Ulrich Knaack within the Research Group AF&P: Architectural Facades and Products. In Cologne, it is conducted under the supervision of Prof. Marco Hemmerling in the CODE ARCH team. For further information about the research project follow:

ThinkingSkins open access

With regard to the design-related approach of Informed Architecture, the research project is also reflected in the teaching content of CODE ARCH. In an experimental discussion, students are confronted with questions that derive from design tasks of an increasingly digitized environment. In such modules as “Technology and Design”, constructions and components are examined for their implementation as embedded systems. Visionary concepts and prototypes are  developed based on the Arduino platform.