Digital Fabrication, 2019
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Informed Architecture

For the success of an architectural project, intensive cooperation between all project participants is essential. Often, however, in addition to the technological challenges, the different working methods, requirements and objectives represent an obstacle to the successful implementation of the project. Against this background, the INTERACT project aims to impart, generate and share interdisciplinary knowledge, which will subsequently serve as the basis for the conctrution of a design-build project.

Based on an open-source timber contruction system the INTERACT LAB will be available to students and lectures as an experimental teaching and learning space o the university Campus in Cologne-Deutz. The first 1:1 prototype served as a proof of concept and was designed, produced and assembled within a two week summer school workshop commonly by architecture students and carpenter apprenticies. The project is funded by the Stifterverband NRW within a fellowship program for digital innovations.


Max Salzberger M.A., Prof. Marco Hemmerling
Faculty of Architecture
Cologne University of Applied Sciences