InterACT Prototype
BA - Digital Fabrication, 2019
  • Bachelor
  • CNC
  • Cologne
  • Digital Fabrication

The summer school is an integral part of the teaching in the InterACT_Lab project and this year’s focus was on interdisciplinarity and cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture of the Cologne University of Technology and the Cologne Chamber of Trade. Over a period of two weeks, the architecture students and trainees of the carpentry trade at the Butzweilerhof Training Centre were able to go through the digital process chain of design, file creation and production using practical examples.

The goal was to realize a prototype of the InterACT_Lab. The main focus was the dialogue between the analog and the digital, the interaction between planning and realization. The result was two frames and the gable wall, i.e. one eighth of the prototype, with the proud dimensions of 6m width and 6.5m height.

Video: Achim Allrich, Rafael Chroboczek


Patrick Bellartz, Lukas Bennett, Benedikt Mündelein, Ibra N`Diaye, Tizian Rein, Lisa Resch, Lisa Schmitz, Anne Scriba, Simon Schnittker, Maximilian Wittmoser.

Marco Hemmerling, Max Salzberger, Simon Maris,
Faculty of Architecture
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Nebil Cidem, Ramazan Dogan, Stephan Eichler, Stefan Greger, Julian Knauf, Arne Martin, Michael Pütz, Zela Taulant.

Achim Allrich, Achim Weichold, Martina Heitmann
Cologne Chamber of Crafts