Randomize Box – Co-Working Space
BA - Digital Fabrication, 2017
  • Bachelor
  • CNC
  • Cologne
  • Digital Fabrication

Digital technologies will have lasting impact on the way we live and work. The constantly progressing digitalization of work and production processes will also have major effect on  job profiles in the building industry. It is hard to image the work of architects and expert planners without computers as it has become indispensable in their design and planning processes; the construction of buildings, rooms and objects is increasingly based on computer-aided technologies. Moreover, the success of a project requires intensive cooperation between all those involved in the process. However, aside from the technological challenges, the different working methods, requirements and objectives can also represent hurdles for the successful completion of building projects. Here, universities and eductaional institutions are called upon to come up with new ways which are suitable for the future requirements of our professions and at the same time integrate individual professional profiles.

The project TransDigital brought the two disciplines – architecture and craftmenship – together, so the parties could gain an understanding of the other’s approach and their own expertise, and reap the benefit of a cooperative working style. The teaching of digital design and planning methods and the use of computer-aided manufacturing processes, forged the basis and network for cooperation and integrative learning. But how should architects and carpenters work in the digital age? What is the ideal workplace between computers and CNC-mill, sketch pad and circular saw, model and 1:1 construction. And more importantly: What is needed for successful collaboration between the two disciplines? Considering these questions, 12 students and 12 trainees in interdisciplinary teams developed and implemented the spatial concept ‘RANDOMIZE BOX /CO-WORKING SPACE’.



Timo Stürmer, David Welschoff, Klara Maria Keller, Andreas Smets, Matthias Bao Christ, Wladislaw Wodopjanow, Jo Carmine Chichietti, Chrisanthi Karta, Marco Guidicianni, Felicia Di Girolamo, Nesim Kilic, Marie-Christine Opitz.

Marco Hemmerling, Jens Böke, Max Salzberger
Faculty of Architecture
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Andrè Luft, Samuel Witalski, Christian Welfonder, Laura Kauf, Alexander Klaas, Yesim Kozan, Martin Strakötter, Lucas Studsinski, Julian Knauf, Julia Wenninger, Mirka Lalande, Britta Kröger.

Achim Allrich, Frank Monschau, Andreas Schneemann
Cologne Chamber of Crafts