Anamorphic Spaces
BA - Digital Design, 2019
  • Bachelor
  • Cologne
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Graphic Design
  • Image Processing
  • Laser Cutter

Derived from Greek, anamorphosis refers to a deliberately distorted representation according to the laws of perspective, which can only be understood from a special perspective or with the help of special mirrors or a prism system. Whether Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer or Hans Holbein – between 1490 and 1540 Renaissance artists dealt with the problems of perspective. This was accompanied by the invention of anamorphosis. The examination of this spatial illusion served as a starting point for spatial representation and three-dimensional modelling as well as for the development of their own architectural concepts.

These concepts are implemented by architecture students at the TH Köln with the help of analog and digital representation techniques and design methods in the „Geometry and CAD“ module during the first semester. The functional principles of perspective will be analyzed, applied and manipulated. The anamorphosis makes the interplay of spatial perception and perspective particularly vivid and also enables the development of an exciting spatial composition.
The spatial installation compresses eight different anamorphoses into a labyrinth-like wall structure. The viewer becomes part of the staging by searching for the right point of view and thus making multiple changes of perspective.



Mariola Rychter, Julia Kommer, Viktoria Riegel, Anne Scriba,
Jasmin Dockhorn, Tobias Barton, Tizian Rein, Sophia Lützen,
Michael Heuss, Robert Poticha, Jessika Viktoria Krämer,
Ben Muendelein, Simon Schnittker, Todor Bogdanović

Martin Waleczek
Laboratory for Experimental Building

Marco Hemmerling, Max Salzberger, Tobias Scheeder
Faculty of Architecture
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

A special thanks goes to:

Stadt Köln
Unser Ebertplatz