KulturRAUM Hombroich – Vektor
BA - Digital Design, 2017
  • 3D-Modeling
  • 3D-Print
  • Bachelor
  • Cologne

The cultural region of Hombroich island is located near Neuss in a triangle with the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne. The museum grounds are characterised by free-standing exhibition pavilions, which are located in a restored park landscape on the north bank of the Erft river. Following the guideline of the French artist Paul Cézanne „Art parallel to nature“, Karl-Heinrich Müller developed the concept of displaying his art collection in decentralised exhibition buildings and simultaneously presenting it in a dialogue with the surrounding nature. Kept in white in the interior and clad with bricks from the outside, there are architectural sculptures of formal austerity in the natural landscape, created mainly by the artist Erwin Heerich in collaboration with the architect Hermann Müller.

The exhibition pavilions of Museum Insel Hombroich served as the starting point for an introduction to spatial representation, image composition and three-dimensional modelling as well as for the development of independent architectural concepts, which were implemented using digital design methods and representation techniques in the course of the first semester.

Based on the imparting of knowledge and skills in computer-aided 3D-modelling, the students developed and visualised experimental spatial compositions based on the geometries of the existing pavilions.


Joana Meyer, Nora Kuller, Ruth März, Daniela Martz, Marius Scheuer, Timo Stürmer, Marina Weigl, Philipp Schulten, Sander Janssen, Nina Juncker, Petya Marinova, Nolwenn Pronost

Marco Hemmerling, Philipp Meise, Jens Böke
Faculty of Architecture, Cologne University of Applied Sciences