Skyscraper Challenge
CAM LAB, 2018
  • 3D-Modeling
  • 3D-Print
  • Cologne

Digital tools enable the conception and realization of complex free-form architectures. The variety of available technical possibilities is also reflected in the sophisticated geometries of current high-rise buildings. The 3D printer enables the modelling of such complex freeforms and is used to create models of striking high-rise buildings.

The CAM-Lab Challenge consists of selecting a striking high-rise project and modelling it to scale. Special attention will be paid to the different modelling techniques. In addition, the challenge is to abstract the skyscraper in order to save time, space and material by creating a 3D print file.


Marco Hemmerling, Jens Böke, Max Salzberger, Benedikt Muendelein, Ruth März, Lisa Schmitz, Ivan Falkenstein, Simon Schnittker